Pequelia features baby bottle mimijumi, which reduces nipple confusion for breastfeeding babies

Spanish publication Pequelia discusses mimijumi! 

'Very Hungry' new bottle that mimics the breast

Brand children's products mimijumi has launched a new bottle nipple which mimics the breast . The purpose of this product is that the baby holds on to the nipple as you would the chest to facilitate the change involves moving to bottle-feeding .

As you can see in the picture, the nipple is a replica of his mother's breast and not only by its form, also by the color and texture of it. It is made of soft silicone and also has an integrated ventilation system that promotes better digestion Baby

Karen Todaro, a registered nurse and an expert on breastfeeding, recommended its use for babies who often have problems with bottle feeding . It is even good for newborns because it ensures that helps prolong the period of breastfeeding , some of whose benefits we have already spoken several times.

So far this bottle that mimics the mother's breast has begun to be marketed only by the United States and Canada, however mothers who are interested can access the official website of the product and easily apply.