mimijumi FAQs


We tried to think of any possible question you may ask yourself. But one might have slipped through the cracks. If so, please do not hesitate to send us a message, we will be glad to answer it!

What does mimijumi mean ?

mimijumi means "a mother's love" in Polynesian.

Are mimijumi bottles exempt from BPA and phthalates ?

Yes, yes and yes ! We guarantee 100% that all mimijumi materials are free from BPA and phthalates. mimijumi bottles are made out of the best possible materials so you can be sure to feed your baby without any worry or stress. The body of the bottle is made of Grilamid®, a durable and safe plastic nylon that exceeds all safety regulations. The nipple is made of medical grade premium silicone.

Where are mimijumi bottles manufactured ?

mimijumi is a USA based company. Our products are designed in the US and production is assured in Austria with the highest safety standards.

Are there different nipple flow rates ?

Yes. We offer two different flow rates : flow rate 1 nipples (0 to 12 months) and flow rate 2 nipples (6 to 18 months). All our bottles are currently pre-assembled with flow rate 1 nipples, as this is the flow that mimics the majority of breasts. Flow rate 2 nipples can be purchased separately and can be used as soon as you feel that your baby wants to drink a little faster, or if you used thickened formulas (such as anti-colic, etc...)

Who are the founders of mimijumi ?

A brilliant team of parents, physicians, nurses, caregivers and an industrial designer, who combined their efforts to achieve the best possible bottle feeding experience for baby.

How does the money-back guarantee work ?

At mimijumi.com, you may return your products in case of non satisfaction, even if they have been used. You just have to send us a message to hello@mimijumi.com, with your order number and asking for a return. We will reply to you with the return procedure. The shipping costs are born by the customer. Reimbursement is issued within 48 hours upon receiving your returned product.

How Discounts work ?

I received two different promo codes and one isn't working, can I use both when checking out?

Most promotional codes can not be combined, if you have received two different promo codes and one of them is not working, you will need to choose which promo code you want to apply to your order. We're afraid that for the most part, you cannot combine or stack multiple promo codes at the same time. You're more than welcome to contact Customer Service if you need more clarification on this so that we can be of more help!

Are your bottles anti-colic ?

Yes, a smart (and patented) system integrated to the body of our bottles helps prevent colic by removing the risk of baby swallowing air. All our nipples also feature a spiral shape interior which helps the milk to circulate smoothly.

Are the nipples interchangeable with your two bottle sizes ?

Yes. Any of our nipples can be fitted on any of our bottles. Our nipples are however not compatible with other baby bottle brands.

How do you clean mimijumi bottles ?

The body, cap, anti-slip base and nipple can all be safely washed in the top rack of your dishwasher. They can be sterilised in boiling water for 5 minutes. Bottles and nipples can be sterilised in any steriliser that features a diameter of at least 7.5cm. They should however never be sterilised in a micro-wave steriliser.

Are they micro-wave compatible ?

We do not recommend to use a microwave to warm-up breast milk. You may use the microwave to warm up formula (30 seconds will do the trick) but never to sterilise the bottle. Microwaves create points of extreme heat that can melt the Grilamid® body of your bottle if placed in the microwave for too long.

How do I put the cap in place ?

STEP 1 : Place the cap on the bottle. The orientation of the lid's lip does not matter.

STEP 2 : Push on the cap in the back (furthest away from you). You should feel it click into place.

STEP 3 : Now push more firmly on the front of the cap (closest to you). You should feel it click again. The click noise on this step is usually not as loud as on step 2. The goal is to have all 4 ridges click onto the lip of the nipple

STEP 4 : Place your bottle upside down and shake it. The lid should hold firmly in place.