Why I Never Lost Faith in Penelope Trunk

By: Brendan Collins


breastfeeding bottle

Thank you, Penelope, for finding a compelling way to tell the mimijumi story as only you could.

When I first contacted you, I wanted you to write about our bottles because I admire your unique voice. 

Or as I wrote at the time:

I've always enjoyed your direct, no-nonsense attitude. See problem. Address problem. See next problem (sometimes caused by attempt to solve original problem). Address problem. Rinse. Repeat.”

But I now realize that in addition to wanting your fresh take on mimijumi (and, okay, an introduction to your many followers), I was looking for confirmation from a high-profile, driven woman who would go to bat for mimijumi and our moms.

Moms are inundated daily with conflicting messages about what they should or should not do and can or cannot be. Thou shalt breastfeed for at least a yearThou shalt return to work immediately (or, thou shalt stay at home full-time with your baby). Thou shalt get back into thy skinny jeans as soon as possible.

As a father of three boys under the age of six and a husband to a working mom, I’ve seen first-hand the toll these unrealistic and unnecessary expectations can take.

So at mimijumi, we take a different approach. Our bottles are designed to support moms without judgment.

Returning to work but want to breastfeed? Great, our bottles can help.

Baby having trouble latching? We can help with that too.

Want to use formula without sacrificing the development benefits of breastfeeding? No problem, we’re here for you.

At mimijumi, we want to support moms because we recognize they are doing the best they can.

So, Penelope, when you made excuses for not posting about mimijumi, I figured you were doing the best you could and would get to it when possible. I’m glad I had faith in you. It was worth the wait.

Your new friend,


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