Get Going Breastfeeding baby bottle kit by mimijumi

Get Going baby bottle set

Each bottle comes with an FR1 (Standard) nipple. Choose your replacement nipple:

• baby bottle bundle designed for baby's first year(s).

 allows baby to latch and control the flow of milk so there is no need to match bottle flow rate to baby development stage.

 provide a feeding experience as similar to breastfeeding as possible.

 free of all harmful chemicals including BPA, BPS, phthalates and all known EA (Estrogenic Activity) agents.

 all parts are top rack dishwasher-safe.

    What's in the box:

    - 2 Very Hungry (8oz) baby bottles
    - 1 Not So Hungry (4oz) baby bottle,
    - 1 Replacement Nipple: your choice of FR1 (Standard) or FR2 (Advanced)

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