Baby Bottle

A baby bottle is a small liquid container with an attached nipple used by babies and younger children for mothers who mix or supplement feed (meaning breast and bottle feed), babies who are unable to breastfeed, or mothers who choose to exclusively bottle feed their baby. Baby bottles are filled with breastmilk, formula, or a combination of the two for the babies’ nutritional purposes. Bottles for babies come in a variety of sizes and intentions for their construction.  The main two sizes of bottles are a smaller 4oz, used for newborns and an 8oz bottle, used when babies are able to eat more in one sitting.

A baby bottle’s main purpose is to the feed baby; however, there are additional attributes to take into consideration to choose the best bottle for your baby.  Some mothers have an additional consideration of wanting to be able to transition baby back and forth between breast and bottle feeding.  This is done by allowing baby to latch to a bottle like they would on the breast using a wide vs narrow baby bottle and/or a flow rate of the baby bottle nipple (no flow, slow, fast or variable) that matches the mother's natural breastmilk flow.  Some baby bottles offer options for colic issues through a venting system vs. no venting, or have medical issues in mind with their design such as cleft palate, tongue-tie, etc.  Any or all of these considerations are part of choosing the right bottle for baby.

The nipple of the baby bottle is where most differences occur. A baby bottle designed for a baby that will breast and bottle feed will attempt to eliminate nipple confusion or bottle preference. Bottle preference happens when a baby rejects the breast and chooses to feed from a bottle because it is easier and is less work than breastfeeding.  Some bottles for baby attempt to eliminate this issue so that a mother can switch from bottle to breast as needed. Choosing a no flow nipple or incorporating pace feeding with a slow flow baby bottle nipple will help eliminate nipple confusion and bottle preference.  It is also important to ensure baby still needs to latch onto the nipple like they do when breastfeeding.  The wide neck bottles for baby are used to allow the baby to latch to the baby bottle as they would the breast.

Another feature incorporated into the construction of a baby bottle is an anti-colic venting system. Venting is crucial for a baby to feed continuously without breaking suction or swallowing air while feeding. The venting systems allows air to enter and leave the bottle seamlessly without baby swallowing additional air,.  Of course it is also important that no liquid escapes from the baby bottle. Several designs are on the market today with the same goal but each with their own differentiated and sometimes patented system. There are some systems that have few to no parts or are built into their bottles or nipples, while venting systems on other baby bottles have up to five pieces. This type of venting system can be incorporated in the nipple, within the container, or even located at the bottom of the bottle.

Other things to consider when using a baby bottle are the materials used to manufacture the bottles for baby.  Safety is an important feature of bottle feeding.  When using a baby bottle to feed an infant or baby, always check the materials of the bottle to make sure the baby bottle is free of chemicals that may cause estrogenic activity (examples: BPA, BPS, Phthalates, etc).

One baby bottle that encapsulates all of the above features is mimijumi.  These baby bottles have a simple design that meets and exceeds parent and baby expectations. mimijumi baby bottles have a built-in anti-colic venting system to make sure there is no unnecessary air in-take when feeding from the bottle . The nipple of a mimijumi bottle most closely mimics a mother’s breast in feel, form, and function which helps eliminate nipple confusion or bottle preference. The wide neck bottle helps maintain baby’s latch and provides a more natural feeding experience with a no flow nipple. mimijumi bottles for baby are made of completely EA-free materials to ensure the product is safe for baby. mimijumi satisfies even the fussiest of babies and if you can  try BPA-free mimijumi baby bottles today and receive free shipping along with  a 100% money back guarantee.