mimijumi prevents nipple confusion

No Nipple Confusion

You can prevent nipple confusion with a baby bottle nipple that baby controls the flow of.
…because your baby controls the flow from the bottle!
mimijumi bottles are designed to mimic the breast in form, feel and function. Now you can feed your baby and live the way you choose, confident that your baby will always have the best possible feeding. 
“My baby was refusing breast-feeding because I could not provide him milk when he was prematurely born. After I was able to produce enough milk to feed him, he didn't want to grab my breast because he wanted the bottle. I bought this bottle because it stimulates the breast-feeding. Now he's accepting my nipple and he can switch to bottle- or breast-feeding without any problems.”
“He usually makes a disgusted face with bottles but this one he just sort of looked at me with confusion since he was eating but able to look at me from a different angle. I'm so excited to use this when I have errands to run or an evening away!”