Wondering What's So Special About mimijumi?

Wondering what's so special about mimijumi? mimijumi bottles are made from a high-quality Swiss nylon; our bottles won't break, will stay clear as glass, and are also free from all of the harmful materials commonly found in plastics - BPA and phthalates. The medical-grade silicone nipple has a unique shape and nipple technology that makes bottle feeding as close to breastfeeding as it possibly can be. Textured like the breast, the nipple has a latching technology that allows the baby to control the flow of milk. Not only does this mean parents don't need to be purchasing different flow rate nipples, it also means the mimijumi mimics the feeding relationship a baby would have with a mother's breast.


At mimijumi, we know breast is best, but breastfeeding isn't always possible - new moms need a break, need to go back to work, or simply can't get a latch and that's where we step in. We're here and are providing a product that is better than ever at helping babies smoothly transition between breast and bottle and back again.



Now that we're through making changes to the product (at least for a while!) we have time to focus on helping parents in as many ways as possible. Be sure to check in often for parenting advice, fun activities to do with your little one, and so much more! Learning how to parent will never be easy, but we're here to do our best to make every part of the transition as easy as possible on Mom, Dad, and most importantly - baby!


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