Traveling with Baby - Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and with Thanksgiving, travel is almost always on the books. Regardless of if your travel is a 5 or 500 mile trip, traveling during the holidays can be stressful on it's own. Add a baby into the mix and it gets even more difficult! We can't work miracles, but we can help you get ready to travel with your baby with these tips.

Traveling with baby

  1. Plan Ahead - Make lists, stay organized, and do whatever you can to have your packing done efficiently and more importantly early. You'll have enough to worry about on the day you actually leave, so get yourself and your baby packed up as early as possible and leave just the last few things to pack up on your way out the door.

  2. Naps Happen - Think about when your baby naps. If you're able to, it's best to schedule your travel with your baby right around that time. Babies love sleeping in the car (in fact, lots of parents use a car ride as a way to get baby to sleep!), and it'll make the trip easier on you. Trust us, the only thing more miserable than sitting in traffic is sitting in traffic with an upset baby. If you're able to plan your trip for the evening you may be lucky enough to have a perfectly peaceful ride as your baby gets their first sleep cycle taken care of.

  3. Be Prepared - Unexpected delays are to be expected this time of year. Just because they are unexpected, doesn't mean they have to completely throw your trip off. When packing, be sure to pack an extra bottle - or maybe even two - so that an unexpected delay doesn't lead to meltdowns by everyone in the car and traveling with your baby goes a little smoother.

  4. Take a Deep Breath - Remember that this travel nightmare WILL END. You'll get to your destination eventually, even if it seems like you might never get out of the car.

  5. Enjoy! - Most importantly, enjoy your time with friends and family once you get to your destination. Holidays are a time for remembering all the fantastic things in our lives and there are few things in life better than a child. So enjoy your time, let your friends and family enjoy their time with your child, and just have fun!

Did we forget something? What are your best traveling-with-baby tips and tricks? Tell us here in the comments or on our facebook page, we would love to hear them!


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