Nursing in Public May Not be Your Thing

public nursing


Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural, and completely acceptable thing to do with your child wherever and whenever you see fit. However, not all mothers are comfortable baring it all in public.


Breastfeeding laws vary by state, but in general anywhere the baby is permitted to be, the mother can breastfeed openly, without a cover. While some mothers feel confident and comfortable nursing their children with the world watching, others don't. Personally, I was completely uncomfortable nursing my first child outside of our home... or even inside of our home while others were around. I tried using covers, but that made an uncomfortable situation even more awkward. Suddenly, I wasn't trying to just manage getting the right latch and feeding my son without showing everyone my entire stomach, I was also trying to keep a cover perfectly positioned so it would cover my breast, mid-section, and child's head without suffocating him or causing him to overheat. The idea of using a cover to breastfeed quickly got eliminated as an option. After just a few times of trying the insane contortions that were associated with managing my son and a cover, I decided I either needed to get comfortable with nursing in public, or figure out some other way to feed him.

mimijumi breast bottle public nursingEvery mother and baby pair have a unique feeding relationship different from the next pair. A mother's comfort level with nursing (in public or at home) should be based solely on themselves and their opinions. At mimijumi, we strive to make feeding a baby breastmilk possible for as long as the mother is able. Feeding your baby in public is just one of many ways mimijumi strives to make this extended breastfeeding relationship possible. mimijumi bottles closely represent the feeding relationship a baby has with a mother's breast to make sure that babies don't start favoring the bottle over the breast. The mimijumi nipple has only a single flow rate; your baby will control the flow based on their latch and sucking - just like they do at the breast. Being able to feel comfortable with feeding your baby anywhere and everywhere makes it easier for mothers to continue to have the drive and motivation it takes to continue breastfeeding long after they've gotten comfortable enough to leave the house with their new baby! With mimijumi, you don't have to risk exposing yourself or trying to manage a cover while in public. You can quickly and efficiently feed your breastfed baby and return to breastfeeding when you're in a more intimate and comfortable location.

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