How to Turn Father’s Day into Mother’s Day 2.0

If you have not yet decided on a Father’s Day gift, here’s a thought: In times of equality, shouldn’t Father’s Day gifts also reward Moms? Here are five clever gifts for Dad that will also make Mom’s life easier. Introducing our 1st annual Father’s Mother’s Day gift list.


 1. Style-challenged Dads end up creating more work for Moms, who already have to dress up the kids. Now he can have his own online personal stylist. Enter the Trunk Club. Sign up, answer a few questions, and a stylist will dress him up for free! Free shipping too.


2. “Honey, where did you put my keys?” If you aren’t crazy about those morning treasure hunts, give him the Father’s Day gadget that will keep his Sh*#! together so you can actually enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning. The TileHe can locate stuff from his phone. You can connect also – because, as we know, he is bound to misplace the phone too.


3. We’ve seen it happen – you send your partner to the grocery store with a detailed list, and he returns with a “customized” assortment of items that is missing the most crucial items. The struggle is real - and you are not alone. This Father’s Day, give him the gift that will keep him out of the grocery store while helping you keep your sanity. We like Blue ApronImagine not having to figure out what to eat for dinner, or make time to find all those ingredients. Blue Apron sends exactly what you need to create each meal. Choose menus and they send everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) right to your door. He can spend less time at the store and more time doing things he (and you) actually like to do. Best of all, you get to do the fun part of cooking, learn new recipes, and enjoy healthy meals.


4. Involving Dad from the time your child is a baby is SO important. Snuggles, cuddles, and bedtime stories are all great!! Sometimes Moms need a break from feeding, and studies confirm that getting Dad involved in feeding is a great source of bonding for him too. The key is to do it without disrupting the baby’s feeding habits. mimijumi to the rescue! This is our favorite gift. (Yes. It is our bottle. And we guarantee your baby will love it – or your money back!) You can go back and forth between breast and bottle without nipple confusion, which means Dad can get involved any time (especially around 2 AM).


5. Lastly, if you gave him a FitBit last year and he still hasn’t taken it out of the box, challenge him: Give him the monthly Challenge BoxEach month, he will receive a monthly box containing challenges, gear, and nutritional items matching his FitBit goals. The Challenge Box is connected to his FitBit settings - so when they evolve, so does the box. Better yet, he only has to commit for 30 days at a time. These bite size goals may deliver you a healthier dad by next Father’s Day – and wouldn’t that be a gift for everyone!



Whatever you get your amazing Dad for Father’s Day, it should make his life (and yours) a little easier and more enjoyable. So Happy Father’s Mother’s Day! Wink. Wink. 


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