Honor the Mom Bod

By: Laura Primavera


You're a mom with a body, you have a "Mom Bod". Honor it. Embrace it. 



Mom's Keep Your Mom Bod In Perspective By:

  • Being Kind to yourself. Respect what your body is and what it has accomplished, even if it is a little fluffier.   

  • Most importantly, take care of you and your baby however you choose. Your body and life has gone through some significant changes, be patient with yourself and your baby.  

  • Know your limits and take breaks. You are lacking sleep, emotional, and probably aren't quite back to your normal self; if you find yourself frustrated with the weight gain, it's OK. We've all been there. 

  • Don't compare yourself or your bounce back to anyone else. Every person and body is different, so be gentle with yourself.

  • Do what makes you and your baby happy. You don't have to play by all those rules of the books you may have read while pregnant. You got this!

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