From Boobies to Bottles

Written by mommy blogger Kenniqua West of West to Wife. Read more here! 


During my pregnancy, I did all the research (at least I thought I did) to find the best bottle for breastfed babies. I knew I wanted to breastfeed for as long as possible, so I was scared I would find a bottle that she liked better than my boob. (And the opposite ended up happening) After finding one specific brand that I had heard so much about, I decided to go with that one. When people asked what I wanted or what bottles I was using, I was sure to tell them ONLY that kind. And then, Ryann got here and basically said “Nah ma chill. I don’t want that.” Lol! So, guess what I have? A million of the bottles she won’t drink from. Ahhh, the joys of parenthood, eh?


One night while I was making dinner, I told Joel to feed her from one of the bottles. She cried the entire time he was feeding her, so he stopped. The minute he put the bottle down, she threw it all up. Every. Single. Bit. From her nose and her mouth at the same time. Of course, I started freaking out. I grabbed her, took her clothes off, and I told Joel he could finish dinner. Lol! I just wanted to hold and cuddle with her. I was literally close to tears. From there, I said we must figure something out! 

I went into her closet and pulled out all the sample bottles we had. A few nights later, I ended up trying them all. She would nibble on them and maybe drink a tiny bit, but she didn’t want them. (Have you ever seen a baby’s face when they’re first introduced to a bottle after being used to the boob? HILARIOUS! Lol!) You could tell that she was just not with it. Lol! So, I got on Google and started looking into the best bottles for breastfeeding. I found a few but fell in love with Mimijumi. What I love most is the fact that you could choose from a black or white nipple AND the baby can control the flow. This was important to me because that’s what babies are used to. (Controlling how much milk they drink from the boob) I could tell how annoyed she is when the milk is coming out of the bottle on it’s on.

I said all of that to say, finding a bottle is indeed a process! I’m in a mommy group and asked for their opinion. I realized that although every baby is different, I didn’t hear anyone else mention using Mimijumi bottles so I decided to give them a try. Sometimes it takes trying a bunch (example: me lol) but I highly recommend and approve Mimijumi bottles! 

You see how happy she is now? Lol!


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