tests the mimijumi bottle.

A baby bottle with a unique nipple, prevents nipple confusion, because it is similar to a Mother’s breast. We really wanted to test it! Julia talks about her experiences as a mom with the mimijumi bottle.

The mimijumi bottles promise to be the ideal supplement to breastfeeding. Since I already knew during my second pregnancy that I would not be the only person responsible for feeding my future daughter, I was very interested in trying out mimijumi. The breastfeeding and pumping had already worked well with my older ones, so I was hopeful things would work again without problems.

Similar to a Mother’s Breast

The mimijumi bottles are definitely a real eye-catcher. The design appealed to me immediately; the skin-colored wide-mouth nipples even made me smile from the beginning: They really look like nipples. This is also very needed. According to the manufacturer's information, the mimijumi bottles should imitate "breastfeeding as natural as possible"

So what else is there other than the nipple shape? The special flow system requires an active use of the baby’s tongue and palate. And that comes very close to natural breastfeeding. The nipples also have an integrated anti-colic venting system. This way the baby swallows less air while drinking, which in turn can prevent stomach pain.

Something I found particularly practical, is that the bottles consist of only a few parts: the bottle, the nipple, a removable skid-free base, and a lid. All parts are made of high quality materials and are free of BPA, plasticizers, estrogenic parts, and latex. The nipples are made of medical grade silicone and the bottle body is made of Grilamid, a special unbreakable plastic.

The bottle is available in 2 sizes: 

• "Not so hungry" with 120 ml capacity 
• "Very hungry" with 240 ml capacity. 

The smaller one was perfect for the first four months, meanwhile we have switched to the larger bottle size. There are also two different nipple sizesThe stage one nipple is ideal for mother's breastmilk. The stage two nipple allows either a faster flow rate for older babies and toddlers, or the formula fed babies. 


Problem-free change between breast and bottle

Our little one accepted the bottle from the beginning and accepted it well. She never had trouble switching between breast and bottle. The milk always ran evenly, not too fast or too slow. There was never too much swallowing or screaming from impatience. Our daughter will soon be seven months old and is still breastfeeding at night - so I do not have to get up when she is hungry - but she gets homemade baby food and formula bottles during the day. This has worked so simply and problem-free with mimijumi.

The bottle care is simple and pleasant. The cleaning is uncomplicated, whether it be in the dishwasher or by hand. My only dislike is that the lid is not secure. The stage 1 nipples do not leak, but if you want to take it with you, I always have to make sure that it is straight and cannot just put it in a bag, just to make sure that the nipple remains clean.

Other than that, I find the purchase price relatively high. But you can use the bottles for a very long time, which speaks for the quality of the material. We have been using mimijumi for six months and have not yet had to replace any nipples. 

If you breastfeed and start with several bottles a day, or if you are already using formula/baby food, then I find mimijumi a great alternative to the usual brands. If for some reason you cannot breastfeed or do not want to only give your child bottles, you’ll definitely need several bottles. And that can be very expensive. The mimijumi bottles function very well for us and we will continue to use them for a while.




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