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By: Brendan Collins

Imagine you’re a new mom who can’t afford to miss even one shift at work.  

Imagine you’re a mom who must choose between buying food or clean diapers for your child.  

When you leave for work, you need a bottle you know your baby will accept. If you are breastfeeding, you need a bottle that will allow your baby to go back and forth from breast to bottle to breast.

For you, baby refusing the bottle or going on hunger strike are not just stressful anecdotes, they are full-blown crises.

That’s why I’m so excited that mimijumi is partnering with Baby2Baby, a charity dedicated to providing low-income children ages 0-12 years with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

Since our bottles are accepted by >97% of babies who try them, Baby2Baby moms will no longer have to worry about bottle refusal or bottle preference or nipple confusion, so they can return to work with one thing less to worry about.

We repurpose all returned bottles and donate them to Baby2Baby, because the 3% of bottles that don't work for some moms and their babies can still work for others. And make life much better.


Many of you don’t face the hard choice between food and diapers, but you still have a daunting challenge when returning to work.

Most moms learn about mimijumi when their return-to-work date approaches and they research their options for baby feeding.  They quickly realize their options are limited.  They can

  1. Have baby brought to work every two hours for a scheduled feed (and hope their employer approves);
  2. Move to bottle feeding; or
  3. Try to juggle breastfeeding and bottle feeding with breastmilk, formula or a combination.

Most moms hope to attempt #3, and as they read the online forums and reviews, they learn it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Baby refuses the bottle.  

Baby learns to take the bottle but now refuses the breast.  

Baby goes on hunger strike.  

And the clock is ticking on mom’s return to work.  And her stress level builds.


We created mimijumi because we believe in better feeding for all babies. We spent four years sourcing the safest materials and designing our bottles so they would work for all babies. Now moms can finally choose how and when to feed their babies without compromise.


We are happy to support Baby2Baby and wish we could do more. We hope our involvement will grow over time. I encourage you to learn more about Baby2Baby and the good work they do and consider supporting them too.  Every bit helps.


Thanks for reading and all the best,

Brendan Collins |    CEO, mimijumi 


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