Does Facebook Hate Mom Bods?

By: Brendan Collins


At mimijumi, we make the world’s best baby bottle that looks, feels and functions just like a breast, so we’ve become accustomed to the censors at Facebook rejecting photos of our baby bottles. We hope it is because the Facebook electronic algorithms pick up the skin-like tone and texture of our bottles and confuse them for real breasts, not because a Facebook engineer needs to get out more often.


In fact, we see Facebook’s censorship of our bottle photos as validation of our work. Our goal is to encourage better feeding for all babies by making a baby bottle so life-like that babies happily breastfeed and bottle feed interchangeably, empowering moms to enjoy their careers and lives without sacrificing breastfeeding. Facebook rejecting our baby bottles as too life-like tells us we are on the right path.  

This week, however, the Facebook censors went too far.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we decided to run a campaign celebrating moms and their bodies (aka mom bods).

We carefully searched for a good photo, showcasing the Mom Bod but not revealing too much and Facebook’s censors rejected it for nudity.

So we tried again using this different Mom Bod photo with even less skin...

mom bod

And Facebook rejected it again for nudity! We were flabbergasted that a few moms rocking mom jeans could be considered inappropriate. 

Facebook has no problem running ads and articles with women in bikinis…


…so is it just Mom Bods that Facebook doesn’t like?

Now, Mark Zuckerberg seems like a nice guy and an engaged parent, so I’m sure he’s got nothing against Mom Bods and he’d support our mission of better feeding for all babies. I just wish that his algorithms and engineers could tell the difference between a breast and a bottle, but we totally understand where the confusion comes from. After all, we do have the world's BREAST baby bottle!

Happy Mom Bod Day! 

Brendan Collins

President & CEO, mimijumi


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