Celebrating Military Moms: Erin's Story

By: Erin Maxwell

The mimijumi team includes military families, so Memorial Day is especially important to us. That is why we interviewed three military moms, and for every bottle sold from May 24th- May 30th at mimijumi.com, we will donate $5 to the Fallen Patriots Fund. Please help us support military families this Memorial Day! 

As Memorial Day approaches, mimijumi interviewed Erin Maxwell Marine, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, Military Spouse, Military Mom to Mackenna and Delaney

mimijumi familyHow did you become part of the military?

I grew up in a military family. My dad retired as a Colonel in the US Army after 30 years of service. My uncle fought as an Army Ranger (82nd 101st Airborne) in Vietnam. My grandfather fought as part of the Dutch Underground in WWII. As for me, I loved flying from the beginning!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Becoming a pilot and fighting for my country are my two greatest accomplishments because of my love of aviation and my love of my country-who knew I could do both at the same time? 

Could you pump at work?military family

When I got home from deployment, my husband and I decided to start a family. I left the flight squadron shortly after I announced my pregnancy and became a Ground Safety Officer. Being a military mom is not the easiest task! Breastfeeding in public didn’t seem nearly as strange as pumping while I traveled. I had to pump on an airplane (in the middle seat) while the nice lady next to me – who I had never met - held my other daughter, Mackenna. Thankfully, no one even implied I should pump in the airplane bathroom. I wish I had known about mimijumi back then!

What is the best thing about being a mom?

I never knew I could love this much. The best thing about being a mom is watching your kids grow and learn and also watching myself develop as a mom. There are days that are hard but they are few and far between compared to the good days.

What do you think about on holidays such as Memorial Day?

On Memorial Day, I think about the men and women that have gone before me fighting for our country. I also think about the men and women that I knew personally who left well before their time, doing what they loved. “All gave some, some gave all.”

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