Birth Story

By: Lauren Fuhrer

Laura's Birth Story: Having a birth and post delivery plan is a must, but also be prepared for your plans to change.


 Preparing for the Unexpected:

  • Always ask questions. The scariest time will be when you don't understand and aren't able to ask the questions you want to be answered. This is how your birthing partner can be a tremendous help.  

  • Make sure you discuss what is important prior to your labor and delivery. Whether you are a first-timer or even a seasoned veteran at labor and delivery, list important questions and talk about them with your partner. Anything goes! Examples: If a hospital staff member takes the baby from the room, ask where they are taking your baby and why? How long does the epidural last/ take to kick in? After a C-section, will you be able to hold your baby?  

  • Have people you trust, be they physicians, nurses or doulas. Be picky and choose wisely, so when it comes time for delivery, you know you can trust them. Whoever you choose, know that they have your and your baby's best interest at heart. 

  • Be prepared. If you want to breastfeed, but your baby spends a period in the NICU and they have to give your baby formula make sure to take a bottle you know will transition your baby to breastfeeding. We highly recommend mimijumi bottles (wink, wink) as they are the perfect bottle for transitioning back and forth.

  • Use the lactation consultants while you are in the hospital. They are amazing resources and can help with whatever type of feeding you choose, or just teach you the best ways to soothe your baby. Ask anything, no matter how silly it may sound. They have heard it all and are prepared to help!  

  • Do what makes you and your baby happy. You don't have to play by all those rules of books you may have read while pregnant. You got this!

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