Baby Number 2 Doesn't Make Me an "Expert"

By: Ariel Freiman


I admit it:  Second time mothers think they know everything. If something worked well or well enough with the first child, we plan to give the second the same treatment and not change a thing. But let’s face it—this would only work if nothing were different. Something is always different.

I was a NICU mother with my first child.  Having spent critical ‘latching’ weeks in the NICU, my first newborn just wasn’t interested in breastfeeding when she was released.  When she finally came home, I was happy just to have her in my arms and I wasn’t going to insist on breastfeeding. We had all been through enough.

My second baby latched immediately and breastfeeding was quickly established.  Already, we were in uncharted parenting waters.  This baby would feed almost exclusively from me. While I obliged, we had two factors to consider.  First of all, I would be going back to work soon.  Second, my husband, who had bonded so nicely with our first baby, felt detached with our second little bundle of joy because he wasn’t involved in the feeding routine.  A bottle would definitely need to be part of the mix.

I had every intention of using the same bottle as I did before.  It worked last time, so why wouldn’t it work again? I was about to be taught my first lesson as a parent of two.

The baby took the baby bottle, but it was a far cry from the relaxed experience she had when she was on my breast.  She wriggled, cried and made very clear that she was not going to make this easy.  My husband and I were both worried because we needed her to take her bottle well.

A friend had sent me a couple of mimijumi baby bottles. Being a know-it-all second time mother meant that I didn’t really plan to use these new bottles.  Now, I wish I had tried them from the start!  My daughter loved them instantly. She relaxed and enjoyed the feed that her father gave her.  As a result, my husband started to enjoy feeding time with the new little wonder and I was able to know that when I go back to work, my angel will still thrive with the healthy appetite that is serving her so well.

I feel grateful for the experience because it reminded me that every baby is different.  What works for one might not work for the next.  This baby is her own little person and the mimijumi baby bottles are working for her!


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