An Open Letter to Ryan Reynolds on His Second Child

By: Brendan Collins



I’ve been waiting for an excuse to write to you because I feel like we have a lot in common:

  1. We’re both Canadian.

  2. We’re both 6’2”.

  3. We both have smart and accomplished wives.

  4. We both like a good thumb wrestle.

  5. We soon will both have multiple children since Blake Lively announced her pregnancy.


Take it from a fellow 6’2”, Canadian thumb wrestler with three kids, your second child is a game changer. Here are my quick tips:

1. Exercise

If you plan to exercise, do it first thing in the morning before the day gets away from you. Waiting for nap time is a fool’s game. Nap times rarely, if ever, overlap.

2. Time Management

Factor an extra 15 minutes into every part of your day that involves kid logistics. Leaving the house? 15 minutes extra. Arranging breakfast? 15 minutes extra. Loading the car? 15 minutes extra. You get the picture. This is especially true now that you have a second child to get ready. 

3. Tummy Time

Get as much tummy time as possible. By now, James is probably not as keen to lay still on your tummy as she once was. Get as much tummy time as possible from your second baby while you can! Trust me, you will miss your happy little baby when this phase passes.


dad and baby


4. Blake needs you.

Hopefully it goes without saying, but support Blake as much as you possibly can. She will have ups and downs as she wrestles with dividing her attention a thousand ways with the new second baby. She’ll worry she’s neglecting James. She’ll worry she’s neglecting her career. She’ll worry she’s neglecting you. Reassure her that her best is good enough and you’re both in it together.    

5. mimijumi to the rescue!  

Use your mimijumi bottles to full effect. As you know from using our bottles, you can breastfeed and bottle feed interchangeably, so take a turn “breastfeeding” and give Blake a break. And let Grandma use the mimijumi bottle to feed your second baby while you take Blake out for some fun either with or without James. Baby will always come back to the breast after using a mimijumi bottle, so Blake doesn’t have to worry about being there for every feeding.

Good luck!

Brendan Collins

President & CEO, mimijumi


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