An Open Letter to Blake Lively on Her 2nd Baby

Dear Blake,

It’s wonderful that you are expecting your second child! At this point, you’ve got the basics down – the feeding, the changing, and the bathing. But, I’d like to warn you - things change a bit with your second baby. I have three important tips for you:  

1. Focus on the parts you love.

Suddenly, the little tasks that seemed so romantic and sweet before – the singing baby to sleep, the feeding times – now can become stressful. The answer? Stop trying to be in two places at once. Be honest with yourself – what were your favorite parts of James’ babyhood? Focus on those moments with your second baby and ask Ryan and other families to help with the rest!  

2. Share responsibility (and humor) with James.

You want to prioritize the baby, but little James will need you too. How can you reduce sibling jealousy? Include James as much as possible. Talk about “our baby” and “James’ baby” so she knows the baby belongs to her too. Laugh with James at the baby: “Doesn’t Baby look funny?” Ask for her input and help: “Why do you think Baby is crying?” Giving James responsibility will increase her love for her small sibling.  

3. Take time for yourself.

With more than one baby, it is even more difficult to find time for yourself. I remember actually holding baby #2 as I got a haircut – somehow that was the only time I could find. Make sure Ryan knows it is a priority – for your health and happiness – to give you your own time. I think you’ll find your mimijumi bottle even more essential with baby #2 – I know I did. It was so wonderful to leave baby for a few hours, knowing that Daddy would be able to feed the baby!


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